Yellowfin tuna

YELLOWFIN TUNA (Thunnus albacares)

Yellowfin tuna can be found in all warm water of Indp-Pacific. They are pelagic and can reach 47 inches (120cm). They key is to find nervous water, feeding frenzy with birds dipping in water to pick bait. Stealthy fast approach is required. Fast long strips to make the fly as lively as possible. They can also be teased  up in same way as sailfish, wahoo or dogtooth tuna


Yellowfin tuna flies:

Yellowfin tuna are predatory fish, they are teased up like sailfish, wahoo or dogtooth tuna or fished in feeding frenzy. We use big flies for them, occasionally also poppers that make as much disturbance on water as possible.



For dogtooth tuna we use 10 to 12wt, 9ft rods. Reels are extremely important, since they need to have strong and smooth drag. For wahoo, tuna, sailfish we use shock tippet with wire.