BARRACUDA (Sphyraena barracuda)

Barracuda inhabits all wall tropical habitats, it can reach up to 65 inches (165cm). They are ferocious, opportunistic apex predators and can attack fish same size as themselves. They patrol reefs, lagoons, channels and surf.. Quite often the follow schools of smaller fish and attach them in short burst. 


Barracuda flies:

Barracuda are predatory fish We use big flies for them, occasionally also poppers. We fish for then in similar way then you would for pike. Long strips with stops, following its reactions. Best time on the flats is on high tides. 



For barracuda we use 10 to 12wt, 9ft rods. Similar setup like GT, although for barracuda we use 80lb wire. Reels are extremely important, since they need to have strong and smooth drag.