GT Giant trevally

GIANT TREVALLEY (Caranx ignobilis)


Giant trevally, in the fly fishing world also known as GT, Geet is a part of jack family. Giant trevally inhabits Indo-Pacific region. Giant trevally is apex predator, mostly feeding on other fish species as well as crustaceans and molluscs. They can hunt in packs or as individual fish, sometimes using sharks to ambush pray. They can grow up to 67 inches (170 cm) and can weight up to 176 lb (80kg). In the world of fly fishing world they are considerate one of most powerful and aggressive fish species making them one of most sawed after species that can be caught from the reef. Known good fly fishing destinations for GT are, Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, Oman, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Lakshaddweep, Andaman islands.


Giant trevally flies:

Giant trevally are apex predators, so pretty much carnivorous, feeding on smaller fish. That is why we use fly patterns that imitate other fish species like mullet, wrasse. We prefer to use light tube flies, that shad water fast, making them easy to cast. At same time they can be converted to poppers. We use poppers for GT in dipper water where fish need to be attracted from dipper water to surface. 



For giant travelly, 10 to 12wt, 9ft rods are used. Reels are extremely important, since they need to have strong break, that will be able to stop the fish. If GT is allowed to run freely it will brake of in the coral.