Indo – Pacific sailfish

INDO-PACIFIC SAILFISH (Istiophorus platypterus)

Indo – Pacific sailfish is native to Indo-Pacific tropical waters. They feed on tuna and mackerel and are one of the fastest fish in the Ocean. They can reach 120 inches (300cm) and can weight as much as 220lb (100kg). 


Indo-Pacific sailfish flies:

Indo-Pacific sailfish are predatory fish, they are teased up like wahoo, yellowfin tuna or dogtooth tuna. We use big flies for them, sometimes in similar colours as teasers as well as natural fish imitations. We also successfully used popper attached to sailfish tube flies.  



For Indo-Pacific sailfish  we use  12wt, 9ft rods. Reels are extremely important, since they need to have strong and smooth drag. When hooked they are extremely acrobatic and great game fish. They are know to run 300 yards so 80lb backing is essential. Fly fishing leader ends with 120lb tippet.