Picasso or Lagoon triggerfish

PICASSO or LAGOON TRIGGERFISH (Rhinecanthus aculeatus)


Picasso or lagoon triggerfish is one of smallest triggerfish and can reach 13 inches (30cm) and is indigenous to tropical waters of Indo-Pacific. They live on coral reef feeding on tips of coral, gastropods, crustaceans, faraminiferans, tunicares , tube worms and sea urchins. Like name suggests they are present in shallow water, flats with coral patches and lagoons. Adult fish are mostly solitary. There territory is near coral and patches of grass. They do not change position with tides, making them attractive fish to target during low tides.


Picasso or lagoon triggerfish flies:

Picasso or lagoon triggerfish feed on coral reef. There diet is gastropods, crustaceans, faraminiferans, tunicares and sea urchins. Mostly we fish for them with crab patterns, like Flexo crab, Alphlexo. Since they are bottom dwellers flies need to be weighted to get to the bottom. They are much smaller then titan or yellowmargine flies also need to be smaller.



Ideal titan triggerfish fly rod would be 9 to 10wt, with floating line followed by 20lb tippet. With triggerfish a bit of luck is also requires since they have strong and sharp teeth so can bite threw tippet with ease. It is important to have good drag, since it is necessary to stop them before they have a chance to get between coral.