Bluefin trevally

BLUEFIN TREVALLEY (Caranx melampigus)


Bleufin trevally is a part of jack family and is distributed in tropical waters of Indo-pacific. It can reach 35 inches (90cm) and can weight up to 67 lb (30 kg). Shape is similar then bigger cousin GT, although bluefin travelly are more colourful with electric blue fins and blue and black spots on there sides. They are predominantly predatory fish specie and mostly feed on other fish species, cephalopods and crustaceans. Mainly they are ambush predators although quiet often they can be found near bigger fish, foraging for leftovers. In Maldives they are a bit more common then GT, but equally exciting specie of fish to target and catch from the reef. 

Bluefin trevally flies:

Giant trevally are predominantly predators, so pretty much carnivorous, feeding on smaller fish. Most often we use fly patterns that imitate other fish species like mullet, wrasse, small bonefish. When they are foregoing near reef they can also take crustaceans and squid patterns. We prefer to use light tube flies, that shad water fast, making them easy to cast. At same time they can be converted to small poppers



For bluefin travelly, 10 to 12wt, 9ft rods are used. Reels are extremely important, since they need to have strong break, that will be able to stop the fish. If bluefin travelly is allowed to run freely it will brake of in the coral.