Green humphead parrotfish – Bumpie


Green humphead parrotfish is the largest species of parrotfish it can reach 160 lb (74kg) and 60 inches (150cm). It is native tropical waters of Indo-Pacific. It can be found in seagrass beds and sheltered lagoons. They feed on algae and live coral. 


Green humphead parrotfish flies:

A lot of thought goes into fishing for Green bumphead parrotfish, since they are mostly herbivorousfeeding on algae and coral, but occasionally to east crustaceans. Making them one of most challenging fish species on the flat. For that reason flies also changed threw time from simple shrimp flies to realistic light coloured Flexo crabs and shrimps. They have extremely hard mouth that can cut threw hook, so flies need to be tight on strong hooks. Also set needs to be hard. 



For green humphead parrotfish fly rod should would be 9 to 10wt, with floating line followed by 9 to 12ft leader ending with 20lb tippet.