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 Ahmed Afzal – AFU

AFU with GT

Afu with GT – Giant trevally

My name is Ahmed Afzal, friends and family call me Afu. Early in my boy scouting days  I developed an interests to fishing, back then it was very limited knowledge and local style of fishing using mono lines wrapped around empty bottles that stored few hooks and weights. 

Fly fishing has always been a dream for many years as i first discovered bone fishes in Maldives. I wanted to find a way to get one of these fast swimming fishes. Fortunately before i could land a bone fish it was the world of fly fishing had caught me. 

It was surely the best days of my fishing life  as i learned the worlds most advanced fishing technique, wading from flat to flat, naturally immersed in to nature at greater sense that helped me to get an in-depth knowledge of fish behavior a connection that was natural to me and I realized that how important it was to protect the marine habitat and its life . And so fly fishing has became my profound joy. 

Today I’m very happy to consider myself as a professional fly fisherman, guide and I now spend my days fly fishing, tying flies , testing them in the pristine waters  of Maldives as I chase my dream of becoming the most successful fly fishing outfitter in the Maldives supported by the international fly fishing community.

My favorite is to catch Gts and bone fishes . I am thankful to all those helping me to achieve the dream and welcome you to join the me in your fly fishing adventures.




Lustrik with Bluefin trevaly

In 2000 I founded Lustrik fishing adventures and professional guide in Slovenia and in other parts of Europe -www.lustrik.com. Been enthusiastic fly fisherman and fly tier from age of 12. I combined love of fishing with tourist guiding to create Lustrik fishing guiding services.

I traveled  in different parts of the world from Russian Siberia to tropical islands of Maldives, Sri Lanka, Barbados, Florida, Mauritius. Always with fly rod in my hand, searching to expend my Slovenian operation and offer unique fly fishing experiences.

In covid related 2021 finally had some time to make a long time dream come true and traveled back to Maldives to help setting up fly fishing operation with two enthusiastic local fly fisherman Addu and Afu. Been such an amazing experience, that simply can not keep it to myself. Looking forward to returning each year – hopefully with you my fellow fly fisherman.


Addu Bonefish Maldives

Hi, I am Addu, been enthusiastic fisherman all my life, in recent years with my collage, fishing and business partner Afu we delicate most of our time to fly fishing.

We also run fishing charter company.  My favorite specie is Bonefish. I prefer fishing on flats where we usually find GTs, Bonefish, Permit and Triggerfish.


Email: rok@lustrik.com

Mobile, WhatsApp: 0038631478654