Maldives are small republic archipelagic island country located in south Asia. Situated in the Arabian sea that is part of Indian Ocean. It consists of 26 different atolls. Territory of sovereign states covers roughly 115 sq miles ( 298 sq km), making it one of most geographically dispersed countries. Due to  its location fishing was main economy until international tourism stared to flourish in the 1980’s, but fishing background was never forgotten. Now we believe Maldives fishing will at get another fishing upgrade. Fly fishing in Maldives is already starting to take shape – Be one of first to experience this new and exciting destination. Fly fishing Maldives (FlyfishingMaldives.com) is a collaboration of local knowledge of Afu and Addu with internationally renowned fly fishing specialists to bring best fly fishing experience as possible. In Maldives there are numerous fly fishing possibilities; fly fishing on flats for bonefish, giant trevalley, bluefin trevalley, golden trevalley, yellow spotted trevalley, island trevalley, permit, yellowmargine triggerfish, titan triggerfish, picasso (lagoon) triggerfish, barracuda, green humphead parrotfish and other smaller species of wrasse, groupers and needlefish. Nowadays fly fishing from flats on lagoons also moved outwards to the open sea for pelagic species like yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, Indo-Pacific sailfish and milkfish. We would feel privileged to introduce you to wonderful fly fishing experience in one of most beautiful atolls in the world    




Easiest to get to Maldives is by air. For the last few decades Maldives are popular tourist destination predominately for honeymoon and sun, sea and send seeking travelers, so flights to Maldives capital city Male are numerous from around the world. 

Most international flight fly from Europe (Rome, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Istanbul), Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) Singapore and Sri Lanka (Colombo). 

To reach your final destination it is possible to take a fast boat or sea plane, that can take from 45min to an hour. 

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